Get your tits out for the bants 

Until the past year or so I used to receive messages from close girl friends with so called ‘raunchy’ photos, with a text saying , ‘ Kymara can I post this or will I get shit’ 

And me being a sensitive empathetic little sparkle, I’d reply something like, ‘do what you want you’ll probably get comments but you look hot so…’ 

The ‘so…’ implying that I predict you will receive derogatory feedback (because I have motherfucking superpowers) but I support your assthetic. So beforehand these girls would be sweating buckets pluckin’ up the courage to post these photos because in the mind of a woman protecting her self esteem and mentality it was a riskier than overtly showing support towards Theresa May. Like, this shit got the the point where you’d question, “will I have to duck a bitch when walking the street, you know, or am I going to be fed grape vines by a hubba hubba after this post?” 

So she’d post it and dun dun dunnnnnnnnn…

She’d have to duck a bitch. 

Mutual friends would see me and pass comments such as, ‘did you see what she posted on insta the other day 😵’ like they’ve never seen a titty before.

But none of this made sense really like my girl she looked hot and I’m not taking ‘let’s-post-a-picture-that targets-heterosexual-males-and-I-will-gain-lots-of-male-attention-which-will-stimulate-my endorphins’ kind of hot. I’m talking the kind of sexy that we ALL get off to. So me knowing that in any case you’d look at the photo and know it was aesthetically pleasing, for it to receive negative comments was illogical. It was almost as if something needed to happen, something powerful, captivating, a movement maybe.


Millions of girls all around the world were abducted by a UFO (ultra-female organisation) they were then taken to a field of daffodils, stood in a single file and each took a punch in the face by me to knock some sense into them. Anyway as a previous UFC fighter the punch was that hard that it actually emitted electromagnetic brainwaves which radiated other females around the world. We call this the wave of feminism. It was so beautiful 

…because since the incident (my secrets out now) I am glad to have seen girls post their bums, tums, thighs, underwear, toes (mmm), armpits, cats… the point is girls are posting whatever the hell they want with no hesitation. It’s incredible.

The thing I’ve noticed the most is the support from other women, it’s ‘this is beautiful!’ It’s less objectifying. It’s normalising the body and so called ‘flaws’ it’s a process, a necessity. 
So thank you for making me proud! Thankyou for making me noticing the movement, Hannah in your swimsuit, Joely in your fishnets and knicks, Lucy with the witty captions about your own ass, Neve with the stockings, naked Elle and her pillow,  Beth naked in bed, Megan in her Calvin Kleins, girlgaze with every body out there! 
So to any woman hesitating, there’s no need! We support each other. 

#girlpower101 #keepitcoming #wesupporteachother 

Love lost in a generation

Sometimes i will sit here, prop myself up against my leather headboard because otherwise i will just fall to sleep. And falling to sleep is such a bad idea when it’s the time of night where you have a whirlwind of deep and enhanced thoughts; it would be a shame to loose such passion and intelligence within a dream because most people don’t remember their dreams. Sometimes i will sit here and wonder if the world would be a better place if humans were nocturnal because that’s where our beauty lies- in the early hours. 

I have this problem where everyday has to involve me figuring out what i’m doing, the company that i keep and what i want in life ect. I don’t really seem to be coming to an answer. Maybe there is no answer.

You see people my age, 17, my friends, well… I can’t tell if they either just haven’t found themselves or if they’re loosing themselves in a crisis. I say crisis because being 17 is a fucking crisis. Not for the usual law obiding reasons like alcahol or GTA. The crisis is the understanding of life which just feeds into everything else really. For example you acknowledge the lack of real love, monogomy and romance, the dependance on toxic substances to make you feel alive, and most of all the dead souls. 

I do hope it is just this generation. God forbid that Mary isn’t actually a virgin and the baby daddy disappeared. I would like to think that things like university, becoming a marine, or lack of instant communication didn’t break the electric wave that magnetizes two lovers. I am going to believe that people were so inlove that the thought of ending a relationship due to something so miniscule as distance was unheard of, never done before, never considered. Because love is the most powerful feeling in the world,right? It does give people something to live for even if they can’t feel it, like me. The hope and the fantasy that one day i will fall in love is enough to make me dance and smile like a little dork. 

There is none of this anymore. Love is consistently denied. Looking at the bigger picture here the advance in technology has a lot to do with it. These days a quote on instagram can make you deny love and change your whole potential in a relationship. I’m guilty of it. I once read a quote that said, ‘the best relationships start with best friendships’ and since then i’ve denied anything until ive built up a friendship. The manipulation that the internet provides is destructive to thoughts and even more so feelings. It’s telling your heart no because ‘you shouldn’t cross oceans for people who wouldnt jump a puddle for you’. Scary how much you absorbed that one, right? And how dare you tell your heart no. 

Nobody loves wildly. There’s no patience involved in this ‘love’. There’s no waiting for sex or for someone to be ready to tell you they love you. It’s all a set criteria, tick boxes and rule books. I’m guilty of it. 

Nan and grandad got married at 19. Nan bought a beautiful £10 dress and nan and grandad were together for the rest of their lives. Do you believe it? Because it was true, it was rule breaking, crazy, ruthless, sudden, scary, risky. It was love. 

To be continued..

You deserve to be flawed

I will admire you if you sigh at me when i begin with,’ i was scrolling through social media’ as i have conformed to one of the most hypnotic and influential constructed tools ever ever ever! However, i was scrolling through social media to come across something which happened to instigate some thoughts which sort of contradicts my argument against social media…sorry. And i happened to stumble upon a picture of Beyonce. Real or fake? I don’t actually care. But the purpose of the picture was to ‘reveal’ Beyonce without airbrush; fans debating whether its fair or not to show the ‘real’ Beyonce. *rolls eyes* And then i read through the comments…

‘She still looks beautiful’

‘I agree that its faking peoples looks…the only ones benefiting are the fat cat companies’

My head exploded. Sometimes i sit there and have these random realizations about the world and our thought processes. A perfect world would be the worst world but this post, flooding with thousands of responses, it’s such an issue.. it’s such an issue. My second contradictory point- WHY MAKE  IT SUCH AN ISSUE?

I am a teenager with pimples, scars and black heads pervading t-zones-you get the gist. I know Beyonce will obviously be airbrushed and edited like every other celebrity; and if you didn’t know well now you know (and I’ve just saved you from staining your knicks next time you see a celeb’ with blemishes.Honestly people seemed so shocked they most definatley did poo). What’s sad about this is that when Beyonce is not airbrushed, people can’t look past it without having to debate whether its fair or not to publicize her skin.

Here’s what i would like every pro-women, pro-beauty-, pro-natural, pro-no shame, pro-normalize-natural-beauty human being to understand…The more conflict there is over things like this the less normal it is for people like you and me to show our un-edited skin.

Why do we have to point out that she has no airbrush? Do we point out that she is airbrushed on the majority of other photos? NO. Why? Because its normal, celebrities are always edited, its obvious, no point in pointing it out… right?

If we are trying to show future generations that they should be comfortable in their own skin or its normal to have blemishes, they should be able to look at this photo full of the usual fan based comments like, ‘My idol’ not ‘She’s STILL beautiful’ as this person who is innocently intending to support natural beauty, the ‘still’  just suggests there’s something unusual about the photo which could lower her chances of being as beautiful. Aren’t we trying to normalize natural beauty here?

We are not going to be able to change the world of photo editing and technology and we are not going to be able to change the world of flaws and blemishes. Both should be as equally as normal as each other and what doesn’t help is that nobody is able to look past the non-airbrush. This photo was a prime opportunity to normalize natural beauty. Everyone still manages to let the one thing they want people to be comfortable with the most stand out subject on the photo.

The question is, why would people like you and like me want to post ‘flaw’-full photos if it’s such a big deal to everyone?

Maybe this only exists in my imagination though.